John Molson Graduate Students' Association

The John Molson Graduate Students’ Association (JMGSA) is the official student body representing all graduate JMSB students.

The JMGSA mandate is:

To act as the official representative organization of all JMSB graduate students at Concordia University.
To formally represent all members at the Faculty of JMSB and the University level (including all board councils and committees).
To promote and provide for the academic, social, and recreational interests of its members.
To exercise such supervision that will ensure activities are conducted in the best interests of the Association and the University.
To represent the members, interest within the business community.

Meet the Team


Melissa Medawar

VP Communications

Aya Aboelenein

VP Finance

Gursharan Singh

VP Events

Geoff Weissbach

VP Academic

Tevfik Karatop

EA Events&Comm.