Clubs & Associations

JMGSA Speaker Series

The JMGSA Speaker Series is a student-run initiative that organizes speaker events for graduate students at the John Molson School of Business.

The Speaker Series serves as an essential link between JMSB graduate students and the business world.

The mission of the Club is to organize speaker events in order to give future members of the Montreal business community a clear perspective of the local and international business environment whilst also providing an inspiration that will help students make smart choices in their future career paths.

The Speaker Series takes a unique approach of creating opportunities for intimate discussions with business leaders on topics that address the whole-growth aspect of education and professional development. The Club also provides a chance for current graduate students to network with local business community members, thereby offering the beginning of professional relationships that may lead to job offers.

Prepare, inspire, and evolve are the underlining themes that drive the JMGSA Speaker Series towards providing students with a fruitful and rewarding experience, as well as preparing them to become the next generation of global leaders and innovators.


International Community Outreach Program

The International Community Outreach Program (ICOP) is student-run initiative which offers graduate business students meaningful opportunities to get exposed to social business issues and international development.

ICOP’s mission is to create a meaningful bridge between business, education, communities and NGOs in developing countries.

What we do:

Offer graduate JMSB students international internships opportunities to apply their business knowledge and skills to social projects in developing countries such as Uganda and Colombia.

Provide graduate business students a unique opportunity to tackle real problems faced by social organizations at our Annual Social Business Case Competition.

Raise awareness and interest around social issues through speaker series.


John Molson Graduate Investment Club

JMGIC is a student run Finance and Investment club that aims to create a vibrant community of students, professors, and industry professionals who are passionate about financial markets.


John Molson Sustainable Business Group 

The mission of John Molson Sustainable Business Group (JMSBG) is to provide students at the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) with the resources to effectively and professionally incorporate sustainability in their pursuit of becoming ecologically aware, socially just, and economically responsible business leaders.



John Molson Women in Business Club

The John Molson Women in Business Club (WIBC) is an association targeting all women currently enrolled in John Molson School of Business (JMSB) graduate programs and all JMSB graduate women alumni. The club was founded in September 2005.

Our Mission:

To cultivate a supportive community that promotes gender diversity in business through the advancement and empowerment of women in their personal and professional pursuits.

Through various networking events and development workshops, the WIBC aims to provide a network for students to interact with fellow classmates, colleagues, alumni, and successful business women.


JMSB Entrepreneurship Club

The John Molson School of Business Entrepreneurship Club (JMSBEC) is a vibrant association open to all JMSB students who are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and the realities of building a startup as well as network with other driven entrepreneurs and mentors. JMSBEC’s initiatives include providing students with learning opportunities on startup initiatives that address practical aspects as well as personal growth as an entrepreneur.  The club promotes entrepreneurship through seminars as well as networking events. We strive to tap into students drive and innovative ideas to empower them take concrete steps towards their goals as entrepreneurs. 


John Molson GDBA/GCBA Society

The John Molson School of Business Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Business Administration (GDBA/GCBA) Society is an initiative composed of students engaging their peers to be more active during their academic careers. The Society’s mandate is to assist the students in getting familiar with their colleagues and surroundings. It also looks to foster and strengthen unity and friendship between the students and other societies both inside and outside the Concordia University community in turn to promote professional and personal growth through various networking events.

The Society strongly believes that their involvement with the students will complement their education and careers. The students are given the opportunity to connect with other specialists in their discipline and widen their horizons of knowledge within their respective profession.  The GDBA/GCBA Society is strongly known to facilitate the development of all students’ professional identity in order the meet the demands of the current market as well as their personal ambitions.


M.Sc. Society

The M.Sc. Society is a student-led initiative with the purpose representing the interest of all JMSB Masters of Science (MSc) in Administration students. This is accomplished through illuminating potential career opportunities in academia and industry, enhancing the student experience, and providing students with tools and resources to foster academic and professional success.


MBA Society

The MBA Society works to enhance the MBA experience by providing opportunities for professional growth outside of the classroom. Through an integrated framework of curricular and extracurricular services and activities, the MBA Society encourages greater interaction between students, alumni, recruiters, guest speakers and the business community. Prospective students are invited to attend a class or take a campus tour with one of the MBA Society members. During the students' stay, the MBA Society offers a host of activities including social events, academic and career related.  The MBA Society cannot act without your help, because your voice is important. We would love to hear from you on issues so that we can work together to take the John Molson MBA program to the next level


JMSB Doctoral Student Society

Our objectives are:

To represent and advocate for the interests of the members of JMDSS, collectively and individually.

To enhance the educational, cultural, environmental, and social conditions of its members.

To engage in activities and undertakings as may seem appropriate to JMDSS.